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Chose Your Own Adventure With Modular Improv Quilting

Modular Improv Block Variation 1 by Lucinda Marshall, 2022

Modular Improv Quilting is an exciting (and easy!) technique that I’ve been developing over the last few months. Using modular sizing allows quilt blocks to be arranged in a variety of ways with the added plus of being a technique that can be used for any size quilt. The simple design of individual blocks allows focus on overall composition. This technique can be used with any colorway. So far I’ve been using solid fabrics, but prints are also an option, stay tuned for more variations.

I am planning to teach this technique this spring. It is perfect for beginning and experienced quilters and a great way to dip your toes into improv piecing and design or to learn a different technique. Leave a comment if you are interested in taking the class or if your guild might like to host a class.

Modular Improv Block Variation 2 by Lucinda Marshall, 2022

The quilt tops shown here two examples of modular improv piecing. As usual I’m behind on my quilting, but didn’t want to wait to show you a bit of what is possible with this exciting and fun technique!

Where To Find My Quilts, Graphic Merchandise, And Poetry Collection

If you would like to see and/or purchase my quilts, graphic merchandise, or collection of poems, this is where to find them:


“This Is Where We’re At” by Lucinda Marshall

Graphic Merchandise: Please visit Art Mama Gallery, at Society 6 and Redbubble.

My poetry collection, Inheritance Of Aging Self, is available from Finishing Line Press, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

My Graphic Design Products For Sale On Society6

Last month I downloaded a graphic design app on my ipad to give myself something fun to play with on a couple of overseas flights, and sort of like a kid with a Gameboy or Play Station, I couldn’t put it down. Better yet, it turns out you can turn those doodles and designs into tables and water bottles and tshirts and water bottles and phone cases and on and on.

So I decided to give it a whirl. I am still learning, but my first few attempts are now adorning the above products and a lot more in my gallery at Society 6. I decided to call it Art Mama Gallery which was the name of the little arts business I ran many moons ago. All I can say is wow has online art retailing changed a lot since then! So check it out, some great gift ideas are waiting for you there!

Here are a couple of the designs I’ve put up so far, and a few examples of what they look like on products. I’m working on some more so check back often and if you see a design you like but would prefer it in different colors, let me know, many of these can be adjusted to different colors.