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Janie Rezner: Right Relationship And Being In Gratitude… And Compassion

With her kind permission, what follows is  a thought provoking essay by Janie Rezner about what I suppose might be called the faux meaningful mantra.  As I told Janie in our correspondence about this piece, my personal not-so-favorite is the notion of living in the moment.  As if we can separate this moment from the history that brought us here or pretend that it has no impact on the moments that will follow.   The only true power is power with and from within, and the notion that meaning can be gained from constructs of power over will always be a falsehood.

Right Relationship and being in Gratitude.

I believe these concepts are rather popular these days… in the spiritual ‘realms’  at least. And sometimes  worn like a mantle by the folks touting them,  who may perhaps inwardly  pat themselves on the back about being “on the path.”

However, in these conversations  seldom is there a mention of the suffering peoples in the world…

Spiritual and religious services and gatherings,  rituals and  sacred musical events –environmental groups,  any gathering of serious minded persons,  who do not  even make a mention  of the suffering peoples, women and children, and grandmothers and grandfathers  of the world, not a mention or a prayer for  the innocent and oh so vulnerable animals and other creatures of this earth who suffer beyond measure, living horror filled lives and deaths… and the continuation of WAR,  and the degradation of our earth itself…

Seem to me to be kinda short on Compassion…

And that there is NO MENTION of the horrific sexual abuse against  millions and millions of women and children all over the world, at this very moment,  who are  being violated and tortured, by insane patriarchal men, all over the world, at this very moment…

Where is the ‘right relationship’ in that?

And,  further, regarding  we humans, men’s that is,  “sacred vow with the animals that it’s ok with them to be sacrificed, “ that  they are willing to hand their life over to you –so we may eat…. you know, how those Indians did it… in a sacred way… you remember…

Do you really think that antelope was put on earth to feed YOU?   What about it’s   OWN life…   I wonder which animal  “they” polled to come up with such an idea??

Let’s turn it around… “oh by the way” – says the monster,  “I’d like to kill your daughter  tomorrow so we can eat her.   Thanks so much.”

Where’s the right relationship in that?



My commitment is the bring forth a new paradigm  grounded in the supremacy of the Great Mother, our creator.   That is what real supremacy looks like!! She is our mother, for heaven’s sake.  How else do you think you got here???  Did you fly into earth on your own??   Whose  body held you and nourished you and protected you all those months you came into being… and in the months and years beyond… as we came into our adulthood…and who is still a powerful and essential part of our lives?

In order to move into a higher state of consciousness, we need to bring into our awareness the “shift” that is  happening–the reemergence of the Great Mother, the Sacred Feminine.  This is the time to call her forth–to proclaim her space in our consciousness.

Janie “Oquawka” Rezner
Spiritual Feminist Warrior