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A Distinct Lack Of Progressive Hope-y Change-y

Two straw polls have crossed my desk in the last day that make me seriously wonder if anyone has looked up the definition of progressives lately or taken a lessen in how to organize your priorities.  First, via the ever observant Richard  Power, take a look at this list of important issues that participants at Netroots are being asked to vote on:

Q.5 Now please read the list below and indicate which ONE you think should be the TOP priority for President Obama and Congress.

  • Immigration reform
  • Improve jobs situation
  • Finish Afghanistan
  • Iraq drawdown
  • Reduce deficit
  • Repeal DADT

As Richard points out, there is no mention of climate change and I would add, while addressing Iraq and Afghanistan, although the wording is just plain odd, as well as DADT, why not ask about military priorities in general? And instead of asking about the deficit and jobs, how about the finance bill and Wall Street reform. And what about health care?

What this list really indicates is that the progressive left has apparently lost any sense of overall vision.

Another observation regarding Netroots–why is it that this gathering gets so much attention but that the U.S. Social Forum with far greater attendance from the numbers that I’ve heard got virtually none from the media. Just asking.

Which brings us to an email I got from Open Left asking me to choose my Democracy for America grassroots champion from a list of ten progressive champions. The list included six white males, two men of color and two white women. The white guys on the list are probably all good guys who stand for the right thing but this is progressive hope-y change-y in what way? Looks like politics as usual to me.

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