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In Plain Sight

The Sherrod debacle was right up there on the embarrassing scale as it was with the administration taking it’s cue from Fox Spews and Andrew Breitbart to piss in its pants, but now it seems that the White House is hell bent on making it worse by saying they tried, really they did, to reach Ms. Sherrod but could not reach her by phone or email.  And we pour how many billions down the drain tapping people’s phones, spying on them and otherwise tracking their whereabouts in this country?  The problem was that Ms. Sherrod was hiding on airplanes, but still,

“Even though Ms. Sherrod was out of touch for a few hours, traveling on a plane to New York from Atlanta, and her voice mailbox not accepting new messages, running her down would have been a laughable challenge to the (White House) switchboard of yore.

“Let’s say she was on the plane,” Mr. (Richard) Reeves said. “If they wanted to get a message to the pilot of that plane, they would have no trouble.””

And then to make matters worse, Ms. Sherrod went on national television,

“An especially surreal moment occurred at a briefing Wednesday, when Ms. Sherrod watched, via a split screen on CNN, as Mr. Gibbs chronicled Mr. Vilsack’s struggles to get in touch with her.

“Apparently, she’s watching this briefing, Shirley Sherrod, on CNN right now,” said Jake Tapper of ABC, to the amusement of the press corps. “Is there anything you want to say to her?” (“The secretary is trying to reach her,” Mr. Gibbs offered, again.)”

Um, like wow, someone needs to seriously look into replacing the White House can and string communications system.  And maybe the job they should be offering Ms. Sherrod is White House Chief of Staff or Director of the FBI.