We Are A Self-Terrorizing Nation

During a week where our government has been trying to sell us on the idea that  being groped and radiated will make us safe, it occurs to me that we have become a self-sustaining terrorized state.  We don’t actually need terrorists to attack us, we just terrorize ourselves.

Not only that but our military is out to get us too.  A few weeks ago I pointed to the good folks down at Ft. Knox who ran exercises that caused fires that were so bad that a half hour down the road, the entire city of Louisville had an air pollution alert.  And now down in Tennessee, a plant that produces nuclear fuel and processes uranium for the Navy is polluting the bejeepers out of the Nolichucky River.

I have heard people say well that is just the way it is today.  But you know what, where is that written?  Why are these damaging absurdities acceptable?  We live in a country with shocking numbers of unemployed, homeless, hungry people without health care, we pollute our water and foul our air, send our children to fight in wars that are causing a lot more problems than they are solving, allow corporations to be people who disenfranchise real people and then just accept that getting groped at the airport will make us safe.  From whom?

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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