Meditation in the Aftermath of the Sandy Hook Shootings

Another senseless mass shooting,

Scores dead, mostly children.


Shot by a young man,

It is almost always young men who do these things.

The media says he was disturbed,

But fail to mention that he is disturbed by living in a disturbed society.


The President goes on television and cries,

But offers no plan of action,

As if we had the luxury of not taking action,

As if it is okay to slaughter innocents,

But then he regularly condemns innocent people to death when he orders military actions,

So perhaps he is used to senseless deaths, tears not withstanding.


The rightwing zealots say we do not pray enough,

Or carry enough concealed weapons.

And the media insists on reporting these insane babblings,

Because there must be two sides to every story.


But there are not two sides to this story.


I remember so clearly the morning of the Columbine shootings,

Walking my children in to school,

Holding their little hands too tightly,

Terrified to leave,

Hugging other grim faced parents as we pray that they would be safe.


And yet tonight, the stars twinkled impossibly brightly in the clear night sky.

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