Playing Bang Bang With A Pink Pistol (He Was Only Three Years Old)

He was not a well regulated militia,

He was not defending himself

Against tyranny

Nor did he shoot in self-defense

He was just a three year old boy

Playing bang, bang you’re dead

With a pink pistol that

Turned out not to be a toy

And which now lies in his cold dead hands

That would make Charlton Heston proud.


It was an accidental shooting

According to the news.

But what is accidental about

A gun that is left in a toddler’s reach?

Will this keep you awake tonight, Wayne LaPierre,

Or will you be too busy wining and dining lawmakers

To be sure they don’t pass stricter laws and

Anyhow, the President went skeet-shooting–

Look kids, shooting can be fun.


Tmorej Smith was just a little boy

Who thought that the shiny pink gun was a toy,

And now he is dead,

And it isn’t a game anymore.

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