Forays Into Quilt Shows

The last time that I entered a quilt in a show was about 30 years ago (and imagine my shock when it won an honorable mention!). I didn’t make another quilt until about 3 years ago when I decided to dive back in. Since then I haven’t been able to stop quilting and I finally decided to get brave and enter a quilt in a show. These days most quilt shows are online and in order to enter a quilt, you need to send a number of pictures–front, back, binding, details, etc., depending on the show. So far no prizes, but some encouraging feedback. One show asked for a picture that shows both the front and a corner of the back and I thought I’d share that here because it shows the pieced back, which is something that I often do, rather than a solid piece of fabric on the back. The reasons for doing that are because it is a great way to use up miscellaneous pieces of fabric left over from quilt fronts and because it is a pretty surprise when someone looks at the back. So without further ado, here is my quilt, This Is Where We’re At:

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