Where To Find My Quilts, Graphic Merchandise, And Poetry Collection

If you would like to see and/or purchase my quilts, graphic merchandise, or collection of poems, this is where to find them:

Quilts: Please see my Quilt Page and my Quilts For Sale Page.

Sometimes It Really Is Just Black And White by Lucinda Marshall

Graphic Merchandise: Please visit my store, Art Mama Gallery, at Society 6. These designs are available on a variety of products from water bottles and phone cases to credenzas!

Wave 68 Clock

My book of poetry, Inheritance Of Aging Self, explores how our sense of self and place changes as we grow older. It is available from Finishing Line Press, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

The cover for my book is an image of Dichotomy, one of my works in needlepoint which explores the central theme of the book.

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